Tabs Consult was contracted to design and implement the information system to support the Ghana National Tuberculosis Prevalence survey conducted in 2013.  This involved:

  • The processes and procedures including reviewing and redesigning of the survey instruments.
  • The design and the development of the eSurvey software.
  • The Supervision of field officers in the collection, monitoring, handling, transmitting, storing, processing, validating and archiving of the data from the start of the survey to its completion.

It was a cross-sectional and population-based survey of a random sample (65,000) of the population in which the number of people with TB disease in the survey sample was measured.

In the survey all participants were screened using interviews and chest X-rays.  Sputum samples were taken and tested in laboratories to identify which individuals had bacteriologically positive pulmonary TB. Ensuring confidentiality and data integrity, using the bar code technology, the data was collected and transferred between different location, using both paper and electronically.  The data was cleaned regularly throughout the process to ensure the accuracy, reliability, precision and completeness and the results delivered immediately after the completion.

Our Unique Methodology

With our methodology, data cleaning, validation and analysis was on-going during the Survey NOT after the survey.